If you really "Want Your Own Web Site", Our Pages Ltd have made it as simple as possible:

1. Click this link "Tell me more!" to be directed to one of Our Pages Ltd's websites to build your own site.
2.When you get there, just click the "Create a website" button and follow simple instructions.

Features and benefits.
1.Just choose a name for your website and you can create it in minutes.
2.After your site is created, it is immediately viewable by anyone in the world over the Internet.
3.Login to your Administration Controls with the user-name and password provided by Our Pages Ltd to edit your site.
4.Add images, add more pages, change text, change the look and feel of the site.
5.Take advantage of the Introductory offer to pay just 12 per year for an editable website.

6.Via the "Want Your Own Web Site" link on your website, receive a pound in commission* for introductions who subscribe for a site without cancelling.

There's much more on offer too, have a good look around Our Pages Ltd's website to learn more whilst creating your own website!

*Important: Details of the commission status for introductions are simultaneously recorded in both the introducer's' and the introduced Customers' Administration Controls as soon as a website is created. No commission can be earned during the 24 hours that you are allowed to create your first web site; that said, commission can be earned during the 7 days' trial period, providing you do not cancel your subscription afterwards.

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It costs only 12 pounds a year to have a website!
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