Service Times can be publicised on the Internet using a multi-paged editable website.
No Payment required for 24 hours whilst you Test-Drive OurPages Editable Website Creation Templates.
1. Choose a memorable name for your web site address from the 350 listed on pages 12-45 of this online booklet then instantly create your new website online.
2. Use Edit Mode to make changes or add or delete pages.
3. Make further changes as and when necessary as you evaluate OurPages Editable Web Site Creation Templates during YOUR 7 days' trial period.

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Our Pages Ltd provide options that can be activated to make your Web Site work just like you want it to.



Web Site server space usage can be viewed by going directly to your Administration Controls.


Be security conscious, make sure that the User name and password you use to access your Administration Controls are not too short or easily guessed and never write them down or divulge them to anyone.


You cannot remove the links promoting and protecting our service (see page 11) from the bottom of your own website pages. But you will credited one pound commission for any new customer still using our service after their seven days' trial, if their contact that prompted them to subscribe to our services was by clicking a link on your site.


From your Administration Controls, you can see how much of your 16 Mb of server space is being used for your Website (you can subscribe for additional server space, if your site becomes very large).